Space Dash: Earth Defender



Space Dash: Earth Defender is a 2D space invaders-like casual arcade game with simple and addictive gameplay, published for iOS and Android.

The development took place in close collaboration with three friends to gain a deeper understanding of game development. It was the first game development experience I have ever had and it revealed my passion for developing games as a programmer which continues and strengthens with every day.


As already indicated, my role and tasks in the project were mainly those of a programmer. However, since the team consisted only of four people, one needed to do a lot of other different work too - as it usually is for indie game developers.

I was fully responsible for the implementation of the user interface, implemented some pieces of gameplay, integrated every sound effect in the game, and created all special effects. Besides programming work, I was also involved in co-creation of the game concepts, playtest plans, and game design.


Following list describes the main responsibilities of each team member but does not reflect the full workload accomplished by each one of them.

Used Software and Technology